North-East Worker Accused Council of Unfair Dismissal

A council worker has accused his employers of unfair dismissal after he felt that his employer was trying to “force him to quit” because of unnecessary pressure from his bosses.  

Stephen Pearson, who worked as a council tax assistant, claims he was forced out of the job he loved due to the stress he was put under by his boss. Mr Pearson was signed off of work with stress, however, was let go by Aberdeenshire Council in April. However, Mr Pearson cited unfair dismissal and has since taken the council to court over the handling of the matter.

Background to the Incident

Despite enjoying the job, Mr Pearson claims that he was deemed to be “too intense” and was causing “negative vibes” in the office and despite attempted dispute resolution with his managers and the HR department, they were unable to settle their differences. Once it became clear that the issues would not be resolved, Stephen Pearson insists that he agreed to sign up for “re-deployment”, a term which meant that he had six weeks to find another position within the Council or his contract would be terminated.

However, the employment tribunal was informed that the council made the decision to terminate Mr Paterson’s contract after it was deemed he was no longer capable due to his health problems.

Speaking about why there was a disagreement with his employer, Mr Pearson said: “I did feel I was put under unnecessary and unfair pressure at my work which ultimately led to me not being able to continue in my job as a council tax assistant.”

The council refuted these claims however with the solicitor at the tribunal stating that Mr Pearson had never raised any of the bullying in the workplace or mentioned any of the issues that he had with his employer to the council or a relevant party. The solicitor representing the council insisted that the reason for the dismissal had purely been on health grounds, which, as evidence showed, already existed.

The employment tribunal is yet to make a ruling on the case with the decision expected in the next few weeks.

Employment Tribunal: Can I Make a Claim and What are my Rights?

If you believe you have been dismissed unfairly or if you believe you have been dismissed for a different reason than the one given, you could be entitled to take legal action. Many people believe they are unfairly dismissed when, in fact, there is no solid evidence to support their claim, however, if you have been overlooked for promotion, forced out of a job or dismissed with no adequate notice or valid reason, you could be entitled to take action.

If you have been dismissed it is important that you provide a solicitor with as much evidence to support your claim as possible. An employment tribunal can be exceptionally complex. However, a skilled solicitor will be able to use the information you can provide to inform you of if you have a case, and the action that you can take.

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