Blacklisted Compensation Workers Obtain Compensation

Workers who claim to have been blacklisted by large construction companies have been awarded compensation following the conclusion of a long-running court battle.

Following legal action, the trade union, Unite, has reached a settlement with employers meaning that more than 256 workers will share more than £10 million in compensation. Despite the large award, the fee will vary depending on the loss of income of each employee.

The legal action came after it was discovered that many workers were vetted and placed on a blacklist which then directly affected their ability to get a job at a large company. Many workers were blacklisted for trade union activity and political views. While the construction industry denied that such action ever occurred, it did admit that vetting based on certain factors did occur which a court ruled to be blacklisting potential employees under automatic discrimination.

The many firms involved in the legal action against United issued a joint statement saying: "These construction companies wish to draw a line under this matter and continue to work together with the trade unions at national, regional and site level to ensure that the modern UK construction industry provides the highest standards of employment and HR practice for its workforce."

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey stated that the amount offered as damages showed the "gravity of misdeeds" adding: "The sums to be paid out go a considerable way to acknowledge the hurt, suffering and loss of income our members and their families have been through over many years."

The firms involved in the process have since agreed to issue guidance to managers to ensure that blacklisting does not occur in the industry and that proper recruitment policies are followed.

Discrimination in the Workplace

While the construction industry has denied ever blacklisting potential employees, workers felt aggrieved and believed they should be entitled to compensation. Although a number of steps have been taken to try and reduce discrimination in the workplace, sadly, many workers are still discriminated against either in the workplace or the recruitment process.

If you believe you have been discriminated against in the workplace or when seeking employment you could be entitled to take legal action. Each year, thousands of workers are overlooked due to their gender, their race, their age or even their sexual orientation. However, the law is there to help those who have been mistreated by allowing them to claim compensation.

Why do I Need an Employment Solicitor?

As seen from the case regarding the construction industry, taking employment action can be exceptionally difficult and may not end in a court case. Settlement agreements are extremely common when negotiating discrimination and other employment cases, however, such arrangements can be very complex. It is vital to remember that a settlement agreement is a legally binding contract and cannot be changed once signed. As such, it is vital that when making a personal injury claim and negotiating a settlement that you enlist the help of a skilled employment solicitor.

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If you have been discriminated against based on your gender, age or even for taking part in union activity, you could be entitled to take legal action. To find out if you could make a claim, contact our team of expert personal injury lawyers today using our online contact form.


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