Aberdonian Nurse Takes Legal Action After Being Forced to Quit

A former NHS nurse is taking legal action against her employer, NHS Grampian, after claiming that she was forced to quit her job after a number of clashes with judges.

Anne Croft, who was a nurse for over 40 years, is currently in the middle of an employment tribunal against the regional health board after she claimed that her complaints were not heard and she was bullied from her job. She said that her repeated complaints regarding cleanliness resulted in her being forced to leave and is taking legal action for loss of earnings.

The tribunal’s chairman, James Hendry, heard from Dr Binnie-McLeod that Ms Croft was the subject of some letters of complaint written by staff at the hospital and that many employees had raised concerns about the behaviour of Ms Croft’s while in the operating theatre.

The employment tribunal also heard that due to her alleged “over concern”  regarding cleanliness in the theatre, some surgeries had been delayed, affecting the efficiency on the service.

However, when Dr Binnie-McLeod was asked by representation for Ms Croft whether or not she believed Ms Croft had, however, she replied: “To be perfectly truthful, there was a lot of pressure from the bosses.”

Taking Legal Action Following Unfair Dismissal

If you believe you have been bullied out of a position or if you have been unfairly dismissed then you could be entitled to take legal action. However, taking such action is not always easy and we understand the stress that can arise from taking legal action a former (or even current) employer. This pressure can be magnified if they refuse to accept that you were unfairly dismissed, resulting in an employment tribunal.

We believe that if you have been unfairly dismissed or suffered from any discrimination or bullying in the workplace, you should be entitled to compensation and justice. Many people simply want to clear their name and be awarded compensation for the trauma they had to endure. At Employment Law Aberdeen, we believe that you have the right to take legal action.

To take such action, it is vital that you have as much evidence as possible to support your claim that you were unfairly dismissed or bullied out of your role. This can include email conversations, any notes you may have taken your time in employment and even what was said if you were dismissed. While many dismissals are fair and reasonable, there are also many that do not follow the correct protocols and could be deemed unfair, thus, if you believe you have grounds for legal action, it is worth checking with our team of expert solicitors.

Why do I Need a Solicitor?

Such claims can often be exceptionally difficult and require expert legal knowledge, especially as not every claim results in an employment tribunal. Many cases end up being resolved outside of the courtroom using settlement agreements. Such agreements offer a cash settlement in exchange for an end to the legal proceedings. These can be beneficial to both parties, however, a settlement agreement is legally binding meaning that if you agree to such an agreement, it cannot be reversed. Therefore, it is vital that you enlist the help of a solicitor to make sure that any settlement is fair and an accurate representation of the compensation you deserve.

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