Aberdeen Entrepreneur Calls for More Female Representation at Senior Level

An Aberdeen businesswoman has called for a united effort to ensure that more women are represented at boardroom level in Scotland, stating that the current levels are far from acceptable.

The chief executive of an Aberdeen IT firm stated that although progress was being made, female employment groups had to work together to improve the future for other female workers as well as reduce the gender pay gap. The call from Jeanette Forbes came at the same time as a meeting in Edinburgh to encourage female entrepreneurs and improve overall representation for females in the workplace and reduce the discrimination seen in many areas of the country.

The meeting in Edinburgh followed a report from the UK government to review the role of women in the country's economy.

Scotland Office Minister Andrew Dunlop, who hosted the gathering in the Capital said: “We have seen real progress in extending opportunity to women.

“There are now more women in employment and more women-led businesses than ever before. There isn’t a single all-male board left in the FTSE 100, and the gender pay gap is at its lowest level since records began. But we know that there is more to be done.”

Ms Forbes, an ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland, said she was encouraged to hear the issue increasingly raised for discussion.

She added: “Things are moving forward. The fact this meeting has taken place shows that, but there’s still a lot to be done.

"I do believe that a good leader should be looking over her shoulder to see who else from the female workforce she can take with her.

"I understand a lot of females are on FTSE 100 boards, but I’d like to think they’re contributing, not just being placed there. It’s my feeling that they are contributing, very much so.”

Gender Pay Gap

Despite some initiatives to try and tackle the gender pay gap and inequality in Scotland, sadly females are often paid significantly less than male employees. Although studies have shown the gender pay gap in Scotland is falling faster than the rest of the UK, such a gap still exists.

The difference between the full-time median earnings of men and women fell bt 0.5% in the UK while in Scotland the drop was 1.8%

The gender pay gap in Scotland now stands at 7.3% according to the Office for National Statistics, while in the UK it 9.4%.

As a result of the gender pay gap, many new rules have been brought in for businesses to adhere to, however, according to many, such changes will not make a significant difference, and more must be done to combat the gap.

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