Gender Discrimination “Major Issue” for UK Oil Industry

The oil and gas industry is being hindered by gender discrimination according to research into the industry according to experts.

Not only is the oil and gas industry being hindered by the plunging cost of oil, but many companies are also suffering as a result of a gap between the number of females employed and the salary gap. Under new proposals outlined this year, companies with more than 250 members of staff will need to declare what the salary difference is between male and female staff with many experts citing that oil companies may have a significant difference.

Gender Differences in the Oil Industry

Currently, there is a disproportionate number of male staff in the industry in comparison to females, with only 23% of all workers in the industry thought to be female. Furthermore, a little over 3% of those working offshore are believed to be female with said section of work being even more male dominated. In the UK, in general, there is a 53%/47% split between males and females.

According to research, female representation can bring a range of benefits such as access to a larger talent pool, better financial performance, increased productivity, greater responsiveness to the market and stronger corporate governance. With the North Sea industry focussing on stabilising the sector and enhancing the future of the industry, many experts have cited that further female participation could prove beneficial. Despite the calls for reform of the industry, more and more people are losing their job as a result of the pricing crisis that has created havoc in the industry.

Gender Pay Gap

Although Scotland has been encouraging female participation in the workplace, with the nation having one of the highest female employment rates in the world, sadly gender inequality in the workplace is still a major issue. This can be seen not only in some of the issues such as harassment and unfair dismissals but also in the gender pay gap that is thought to be on average, 19% across the UK. Some experts have estimated that in a male dominated workforce in Aberdeen, the gap between males and females is likely to be significantly more.

When the new legislation comes into place, experts and employees will be given a greater range of the difference in wages between male and female members of staff. However, it is important to note that currently the gender pay gap should still not exist.

If you have been discriminated against in the workplace or suffered some form of harassment, unfair dismissal or been a victim of the pay gap, you could be entitled to compensation. An employer has a duty to ensure that all members of staff are treated equally and that there is no discrimination on the grounds of gender, race or sexual orientation.

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